Mother,I am pregnant!

So, in my part of the world, we have a schedule planted in our minds growing up; finish school, get a good job, get married then have children, it’s only normal we spend most of our lives trying to live up to the stereotype. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

My life on the other hand turned out to be quite the opposite of what was expected, At 25 years old, and a month after graduation(which I was late on because I got a retake in my final year) I was wondering how to tell my mum I was pregnant and SINGLE.

I remember telling myself to take the test just to ease my mind because if I took the test (which was supposed to be negative) the symptoms would go away. I believed my mind was playing tricks on me and my body was simply playing along. So I got to the bathroom pee’d on the strip and my eyes saw one line, my heart stopped racing and I went to show off to my work buddy, on the way, thinking how I was most definitely going to be serious about celibacy… Turns out, when you have unprotected sex you make a baby and being in denial will make your sight vague. Julie stopped my victory dance with her perfect sight. I died, run to the pharmacy bought another test, which was also positive and I died again. I had to go to a gynaecologist to tell me I was pregnant.

4months down the road, I am still pregnant, I don’t have a job or a man to account for the life growing in me. So I go home to break the news to my mother. All scenarios I imagined ended with me being disowned or beaten. Mum and me were not, never had been close because in my twisted young mind ,I thought she didn’t love me enough.( it takes growing up to see some things, like understanding your parents in some cases don’t speak the love language that appeals to you).

Am at home, a week passes by and I just didn’t have the proper words to say ” I am pregnant”. So I asked Jesus to help me tell her. And one day she comes home and asks, “Tikia are you pregnant” and I go like “yes”. “What’s the plan”, ” I have no plan” “and the father of the child” “he is not interested” she wears her thinking face and says “it’s not going to be an easy journey, you’re going to have to be strong for this one”. And just like that Jesus took the wheel. It turns out one of her friends had a dream and the Lord instructed her to tell my mum I was pregnant, the Sufficient Good Lord also added an important detail. He mentioned that she was not to grumble or throw daggers in any way or he would withhold her blessings.

Just like that my strong tower, the horn of my salvation Sweet Jesus saved me yet another death. It was hard enough the person I trusted with my body betrayed me, I don’t know if I would have survived another blow from my mother.

So if you ask me how to break the news, I would say ” just wait for her to ask you, so you can simply say yes, Also consult the big man upstairs. His way is always better. I was happily single and pregnant because of his grace.

Perhaps sending a cake like this will do the trick🤭🤔

NOTE: next week I share how I told my papa.🤗

29 thoughts on “Mother,I am pregnant!

  1. That should have really been a trying moment for you to break the news. Thank God he intervened. He never disappoints. Looking forward to how you broke the news to Papa

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  2. God has a way of dealing with things. See in your head you were thinking your mom is going to disown you but there she is , your biggest support system. Be Strong for the little one and yourself . Enjoyed reading

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  3. This was hilarious. I read that part where your mum asked if you were pregnant like three times, just to be sure I didn’t misread it.😂

    God is really something, isn’t He? Good Lord!🙌🏻

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