Rethink your home Security…#Day10_of_22

From the day I locked eyes with an intruder through my bedroom window about 3 years ago, I have not been able to rest easy. I don’t know for how long he was staring and what his intentions were, but I felt exposed and defenceless.

The Afrobloggers winter challenge is still on and we made it to week 3 and The festives are at the business and technology hubs.

Britech smart Guard solutions was birthed from a predicament like mine, one of the directors family home was ambushed by a thief and just like me he was helplessly looking through the window wondering what next.

5 years down the road, there products will not only give there customer a first line of defence but it also enables users to benefit from it’s remote connection capabilities using point to point technology.

You no longer need to ask that friend who ends up taking your new shoes or your favourite pair of jeans to watch your house for a weekend while you’re out of town when you can view your premises on your smartphone or computer wherever you are in the world. You can also monitor that new nanny from your office, remotely switch on/off house lights and gadgets without jumping out of bed.😎 and the one that I like most is you can use the smart guard control to make or receive calls when in distress.

I am endorsing Britech because compared to its competitors here in Uganda, they have the most affordable prices for the quality of service they give, their prices range from Ush900,000 to Ush1.5Million and on top of that, they have an after service where they train their customer on how to use the equipment and also what steps to take in case of an intrusion free of charge.

In a conversation with one of the proprietors he said;

Our prices are low not because we have poor quality products, on the contrary our competitors marvel at our solutions and that should mean we are doing a good job. Our values as a company are based on integrity and honesty because of that we care more about the numbers that have secured there property and families. So for us it more about the numbers and that’s how we get a profit.

Director at Britech LTD.

I asked him what the future looked like for Britech in the smart security industry and he said 10years from now they will be the leading smart security company in Uganda offering and End to End solution. One that will not only give you the first line of defence but will also have a network system that alerts the police and ensures you are safe and secure to the core.

He said,

In the future when a burglar notices a placard of Britech on someone’s premises they will not proceed because would you enter a room with a lion in it?

So don’t wait for an invasion,

In the words of Britech

Be smart, Be secure!

If you are anywhere in Uganda and want to secure your property the smart way , you can reach out to britech on there email or call them on + 256 784 094 315 / +256 393 217 786.

I would like to know how you are protecting your family, property and business from burglary and worse? let me know in the comment sections.

It’s day10 of 22 and we are growing stronger.

See you tomorrow while I review an online shop.

Till then,

Be kind, be humble, spread love.

The images used we’re provided by Britech Ltd.

17 thoughts on “Rethink your home Security…#Day10_of_22

  1. These are great… a few months back a burglar did some online shopping on my shirts and fished them from the hanger via the window, good thing with lockdown havent needed to wear shirts and just surviving on tshirts… I am looking up a solution like this

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    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 at first I didn’t get it. Then I read again and it sunk in.. Am sorry about the online shopper. And I hope you find a solution your end. Thank you for reading.💞


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